#rsrh QotD, One Reason Is All That Geraghty Needed edition.

Jim Geraghty, on the sudden Beltway whispers that Joe Biden might wish to think about spending more time with his family:

[A] sudden Biden departure won’t happen and can’t happen, for a couple of reasons. First, it would require President Obama to admit a mistake.

…and that ends it, pretty much there.  This is mostly all about Establishment DC laying down its own markers in anticipation of a Romney-Ryan win, anyway; when Obama loses the usual suspects will all blame Biden for it, and never mind everything else.

Moe Lane

PS: Regarding the debates… I certainly hope that the Romney-Ryan team has got some very vicious, very ruthless people debate prepping Paul Ryan on foreign policy.  Because the expectations for Biden aren’t just low: they’ve crashed through the floor, and are now in an impact crater in the basement muttering about space.  Paul Ryan needs to make Joe Biden reel during their debate.


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