#rsrh Barack Obama and the REVENGE OF CAPTAIN EURO!

I see that Ben Howe has put up the RNC ad over at RedState, but I didn’t want to pass by that soon-to-be-infamous talk show interview that the President did without highlighting one exchange:

If you’re wondering who that picture was of, originally*: why, it’s a picture of Captain Euro! …Yeah, I’m kicking it Old School; for those who don’t know, Captain Euro is a (justifiably) obscure superhero (primary superpower? …Umm, linguistics*) that the EU created in the late 1990s to…



As God is my witness, I don’t know what the goal was, there.  At any rate, the Right-sphere discovered the comic during the run-up to the Iraqi liberation; and – like many another Dear God, what is that thing?!?  out there – it stuck around in the background of the blogosphere’s collective memespace.  Little did we know that Captain Euro was actually born in the USA, and thus could run for President.

Moe Lane

*Toby Dials, also of RedState, did the touch-up work.

**No, really.  Look, the damn comic’s mission statement was probably designed by a temporary emergency ad hoc bureaucratic sub-committee out of Belgium; what the hell did you expect, heat vision and the ability to shrug off a tank round?

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