Boston Globe slams Joe Biden for gaffes, and liberals for hypocrisy. (That was not a typo.)

What is this newspaper, and what have they done with the Boston Globe?

Because I never thought that I would see a major Democratic newspaper lecture a Democratic Vice President like this – and lecture liberals for letting said Vice President get away with murdering his own rhetoric for so long:

Liberals routinely dismiss Biden’s gaffes as the rhetorical excesses of an overly exuberant speaker — it’s “Joe being Joe.” And there can be something appealing about a politician who throws caution and the script that goes with it to the winds. Yet when conservative speakers get overly exuberant and cross a rhetorical line, they are presumed racist or culturally insensitive, rather than refreshingly free-spirited. One standard should apply.

The surreal part?  There’s nothing in the editorial that I can legitimately complain about. The closest is when they say “In the fight for civility and substance over pointless hyperbole, Biden may not be the worst offender,” but even then I’m forced to admit that this is true – besides, the editorial immediately followed with “But he’s an offender nonetheless, and he should apologize.”  It’s like the Boston Globe decided that it was going to be, well, fair.

Strange days, my droogies.  Strange days.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: For the benefit of any Democratic/liberal lurkers that might be reading this; if, in the next few weeks, you start getting that dream where you’re trying to run through a muddy sea bottom and get to the other side before the tidal wave hits, don’t worry about it.  It’s merely your subconscious trying to work out existing unresolved anxieties, and it’s generally harmless.  Why, I had that dream myself on several different occasions in 2006 and 2008 – although not in 2004 or 2010 – and I never found it to affect my long term ability to function.

2 thoughts on “Boston Globe slams Joe Biden for gaffes, and liberals for hypocrisy. (That was not a typo.)”

  1. Note it was after the announcement that Joe wasn’t going anywhere. The press was also quite upset about Monica, the pardons, and the stealing of furniture. It’s just cheap virtue, them playing at being “even”, once they are sure it won’t hurt the Democrats (look at how the Press treated the Monica thing before and after they found out Pornstar was guilty….).

  2. I feel like when I turn on “Morning Joe” on MSNBC in the last few weeks, I have to make sure I am still watching MSNBC. Joe Scarborough is sounding like… like a real Republican these days. He is now currently checking Mika Brzezinski on almost everything and is often checking her very hard.

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