#rsrh IS Henry Waxman eligible to run in CA? …ehh, who cares?

It’s not like there’s a Republican running to oppose him, anyway.

(Via Instapundit)

Moe Lane

PS: No, actually I looked at the guy’s site.  I could tolerate a stealth Republican who went indy because political reality requires it; there are some places where George Washington couldn’t win if he was on the Republican ticket.  But Waxman’s opponent hates the national party almost as much as Henry Waxman does; so if he thinks that he can win on that platform, well, good luck with that.  The man doesn’t want my help, right?

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  • JSF says:


    I’m involved in the local Politics of LA. Thanks to Prop 14 (which will be overturned after 2013), only the Top 2 win (i.e. “The jungle Primary,”

    Bloomfield met with my Central committeee (42nd AD, the 2010 version of the 50th AD i.e. Redistricting) last Monday. Here is a couple things he answered for me:

    1) Bloomfield will caucus with the GOP (the rhetoric is to get the Blue leaning independents of the Westside);

    2) He supports the GOP on tax and Spending issues; and

    3) He will remain accountable to the GOP Central Committee after election season. Bloomfield and his father have been active in local GOP politics for a while (He helped support Craig Huey in the South bay Special Election).

    Thanks for the link!

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