@BarackObama’s faked, yet ungrammatical (even low-rent) Birther outrage.

See, this is why you need something MORE than a spell-checker for this stuff.

And people all over the country said “…Wait. What?”

…but to be fair, in a certain light this is true. America does deserve better: thus, let us elect Romney-Ryan. After that, then we can deal with whatever issues that might still be extant in our eligibility verification system (I personally don’t think that it’s all THAT big a deal, but people get exercised over it so).   To quote the classics: I like this plan.  I’m excited to be a part of it.

Anyway.  It’s really quite noble of the Obama campaign to volunteer to campaign for its opponents; assuming, of course that they weren’t just all drunk at the time…

Moe Lane

PS: Obama for America either needs to bring their A-Game, or go the hell home.


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