Image of @barackobama’s semi-literate aerial banner attack (now COPY-EDITED for clarity).

First, the picture:

…hold on, let me FIFY.

There. Done.  Thanks, Obama for America!


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  • RebeccaH says:

    I just hope that banner photo inspires people to start using the words correctly. I see the misuse all the time on the internet.

  • Steve S. says:

    I remember the old Tareyton cigarette commercials back in the day on the TV (yes, on the TV). It showed people with a Taryeton cigarette, a black eye, and the phrase “I’d rather fight than switch.”

    Tareyton cigarettes were not that great, so the phrase quickly morphed into “I’d rather fight, then switch.”

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  • Mark says:

    Paid for by the NEA.

  • John in VA says:

    Steve S., Tareytons were great cigs. Remember, they had a “Dual-Filter” of which one was charcoal based giving them a distinct flavor!
    If you can find them, they cost over $7 per pack even here in Virginia. Alas, if you can find them they’re over a gazillion years old as no one smokes them anymore.

  • TS says:

    This gaffe is worse THEN the O-I-H-O gaffe!

  • Jeffersonian says:

    When they get they’re act together, will you be voting there strait ticket as your their in the booth?

  • DrDean says:

    Mark: “Paid for by the NEA.”

    Actually paid for by America’s future.

    What we have to look forward to masses of dim, inarticulate OWSer types that have the rest of us somewhere between pulling our hair out and retching while we lament what could have been had we not destroyed our education system and replaced it with a faux self-esteem creation system.

    Our System of Self-Esteemage has been not so carefully crafted to focus on “Celebrating! Diversity!” and has effectively divided ‘we the people’ into a hyphenated hot mess of ‘Me, those look like me and/or at least agree with my ideology, and all those eveel scum-sucking pigs who don’t.

    And so here we are.

  • Gbear711 says:

    I kept a pack of Tareytons to give to the “got an extra cigarette?’ crowd.

  • Pete EE says:

    That sounds about right, though in the long form it should read: “we used to believe in American exceptionalism: America is better” then came “postmodern cynicism exemplified in birtherism.”

  • PaulV says:

    Obama also confused “that” business with “those” roads and bridges. Typical

  • Steve S. says:

    John in VA: I was Chesterfield kind of guy. Chesterfield also had a cigarette coupon in every pack (and four more per carton). To this day, I can open a old book and find coupons that I’d used for place markers back then.

  • werewife says:

    Jeffersonian: I spent 8 years cleaning up other people’s typos, poor grammar, and general orthographic ignorance. If you ever come to Yonkers, NY, I’ll buy you lunch.

  • Gene says:

    Steve S: “I remember the old Tareyton cigarette commercials back in the day on the TV (yes, on the TV). It showed people with a Taryeton cigarette, a black eye, and the phrase ‘I’d rather fight than switch.'”


  • stonedome says:

    I’d walk a mile for a Camel!

  • stonedome says:

    my current favorite is “prolly”, used as an ignorant substitute of “probably”. these people don’t read comic books or even pulp rags like “The Enquirer”

  • cmblake6 says:

    The repair does show the workable sequence. We get it out of the WH, then we go all heavy birther! We remove such as Kagan, Sotomayor, Napolitano, etc. We go after energy independence it has so vigorously fought. We go after unions under RICO. We go after the NBPP as domestic terrorists, not Veterans and Patriots. We hold Romney’s feet to the fire until DC gets cleaned up.

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