#rsrh The New RedState is up…

…and like any site upgrade, we are in the process of patting the new site on the back until it belches.  Compared with what I remember of the last upgrade, this one is going pretty smoothly… which is a nice, diplomatic way of putting it, yes?

It’ll all get fixed, folks: and your posts are still there.

19 thoughts on “#rsrh The New RedState is up…”

  1. Well it definitely looks slicker, but the glossy look I think may lose some of the grassroots feel it had. I still think I prefer the one two or three iterations ago which kept track of which responses you had and hadn’t read in the threaded comment sections, but oh well..

  2. Skip, I think the comments listing is entirely gone, unless I missed it?

    On 2nd cup of coffee 🙂

  3. What happened to recommended diaries? Used to enjoy those for things that did not make the front page

  4. “Epic fail on an epic scale” right now! 🙂

    But I and others will be patient! As of 3:10 P.M. EST nothing really works: I am still sent into Mike GC Devine’s account if I try to comment! (???)

    Practically all diaries and comments from earlier are gone, although curiously some from as long ago as January show up!

    Please tell me that one will NOT need to jump through 3 or 4 hoops just to post a comment.

    One would hope that at least some of the suggestions we have made for RedState’s improvement will be implemented.

    And ACAT is right: PLEASE tell us you will NOT be using Disqus!!!

    Best Wishes To All!

    Ausonius Contact: [email protected]

  5. I think, Ausonius, that Red State management have taken a great risk in the timing of this upgrade as well.

    If it’s – in Moe’s terms – still being burped and not ready for solid foods by the start of GOPCON, the commentariat will go elsewhere. (Moe may want to batten down the hatches and prepare to be Slashdotted)


  6. Wow!

    Totally different. Very slick. I agree with Skip, seems a lot less grassroots, but then again, it seems a lot more professional.

    Moe, I may have to come here more often to relive old times. =)

  7. Hello ACAT and Others!

    I commented the same thing earlier about the timing…whether or not it survived the chaos here I have no idea.

    I told WestCoastPatriette that if I were a Conspiracy theorist, this whole meshuggah mess would sure look suspicious!

    Why do this 48 hours before the convention? Even if the transition were flawless, it will still take time to adjust to how things work.

    Best Wishes!

    Ausonius Contact: [email protected]

  8. Hi All, I too can’t navigate the site enough to even post a comment. I login, and then to replay in the Community section, it says login, so do it again, yet the login at the top right never changes from login to logout and still can’t post a comment.

    Editors/Contributors, please post a HOW TO diary to help us create a diary, post a comment, and find older diaries for starts. Thank you, checkmate

  9. I suggest that you acknowledge the rollover issues in the featured front page story. The present self-congratualory featured story sounds a lot like the Demhats say about their policies. Don’t pay any attention to your lyin’ eyes, it’s working great.
    A few readers have managed to stumble onto a Gamecock diary and communicate. Imagine the multitude that haven’t made it that far.
    The site is totally down as a member engaging site.

  10. Here we all are having RS withdrawals…sorry, Moe. We’ll just have to come here to whimper ’til things are fixed.

  11. 6eorge Jetson’s disgust is shared: not the way to do an “upgrade” which is sounding more in this case like an Orwellian word! 🙂

    General good news: great turnout this morning here in central Ohio for Romney/Ryan!

    And I am noticing ever more signs in yards for our ticket, along with NOBama signs in areas where PRObama signs were seen 4 years ago!

  12. Hmm, the lack of actual comment threads hid the fact they downgraded to Disqus. Who thought that was a good idea? Oh well, most of the posts I followed on RedState usually got posted here first, so I guess it won’t be too bad.

  13. Ausonius, I almost tripped over a Romney sign while walking the pit bulls today. He does seem to be gaining traction, even here in the shadows of Chicago.

    I figure Moe’s is a good spot to hang out, he’ll probably post something once the main site is …. neutered.


    (one cannot call Disqus “fixed”)

  14. Greetings ACAT (and to anyone else migrating here from the wreckage of RedState!)

    ACAT: Glad to read that Romney signs are being seen in “enemy territory” so to speak.

    Skip is also correct: if Disqus is how RedState will be operating, how precisely is that an “improvement”?! “Downgrade” is the only word for it.

    Erick Erickson apparently posted under someone else’s name last night – the site will not work properly even for him! – and wrote that “the servers” were causing al kinds of problems!

    I wrote several times about how RedState could be improved: things like “BOLD” and “Italic” butttons, rather than typing in commands, easier ways of linking websites on comments and diaries, backdoor messaging for members, etc. Others wrote similar suggestions, but we were apparently ignored.

    It sounds like dealing with a large corporation…or government bureau!!! 🙂

    Best Wishes to all!


    [email protected]

  15. “The servers” were causing trouble? That’s actually a great example of dilution of a word .. “server” no longer means the hardware, but it’s now down to “what Management says when they either don’t have an explanation or didn’t understand it”. The word “Conservative” has a similar problem….

    In a way, I suppose, Red State management lucked out .. Issac means traffic on Monday will be pretty low… no news from GOPCON to report.


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