#rsrh QotD, This Is One Thing That Drives The VRWC Nuts About Romney edition.

Andrew Ferguson, talking about a book (The Real Romney) that’s… well, let Andrew talk about it:

By my count the literature includes one good book, The Real Romney, by two reporters from the Boston Globe. That’s the same Globe with the leftward tilt to its axis and a legendary anti-Romney animus—which lends authority to their largely favorable portrait. The flattering details of Romney’s life were so numerous and unavoidable that the authors, dammit, had no choice but to include them.

And this is what drives us nuts; Mitt Romney has been spending his entire damn life wandering around and doing kind things for people.  AND HE NEVER [EXPLETIVE DELETED] TALKS ABOUT IT.  AND HIS CAMPAIGN STAFF NEVER [EXPLETIVE DELETED] TALKS ABOUT IT, EITHER.  Getting these stories out of them is like pulling teeth.  I mean.  Geez.  The guy once saved a freaking family of six from drowning, and I only found out about it third-hand.

The worst part?  This modesty is all very Christian of Mitt Romney, so you feel bad about getting annoyed about it.

Moe Lane


  • Matt S. says:

    Really, I’m surprised that some Super PAC has not come into existence solely to run ads like: The Day Bain Closed, And Saved a Young Girl; When Romney Pulled A Dog From the Ocean and other completely true, completely, utterly positive ad spots. It may be harder to raise money for, since most people want to hit their political opponents, but damn, it would be the best ad campaign for a president ever.

  • Patrick Thomas says:

    How about this story from last time around?

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