#rsrh German Chancellor Angela Merkel feels that Europe is… Nicht in Ordnung.

It’s all so very, ah, sloppy.

[T]he respected German weekly Der Spiegel reported in its latest edition that Merkel wants EU leaders to forge ahead with deeper political integration within the unwieldy 27-nation bloc.

Merkel has long advocated closer political integration as a means of preventing the European project from unraveling under the strain caused by the eurozone crisis.

…You know something, Germany? Fine.  It’s just not worth it.  Are the French on board?  Good.  You going to leave the Brits alone, when they tell you to sod off?  Glad to hear it.  No barbarism planned, this go-round? Very smart of you.  OK.  Yeah. Go ahead and have your Wholly German Empire, and don’t make us come over there again.


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