#rsrh New Madison, WI police chief: party’s over, hippies.

I am paraphrasing.

The Wisconsin Capitol’s new police chief said Monday that he plans to crack down on protesters who don’t follow the building’s rules because he wants to restore a sense of normalcy and safety to the statehouse.

Chief David Erwin told The Associated Press in an interview that he respects people’s right to petition their government, but that he believes some protesters’ behavior has crossed into intimidation.

Apparently there are STILL a remnant of the most brainwashed progressives showing up every day to scream at legislators; Capitol Police have finally gotten the state Attorney General to agree to process civil citations (the county DA is a Democrat, and thus apparently disinterested in civic* hygiene).  They’re also going to make people get permits.  Expect protests; just don’t expect anybody in the media to bother covering them.  After all, these people are Democrats who failed; it doesn‘t get any more disavowed than that.

Moe Lane

(Via @kevinbinversie)

*Never having attended a Madison protest, I cannot state with any authority about whether it was a matter of public hygiene as well.  Although certainly some of those people appeared to have been non-initiates in the mysteries of soap…

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