#rsrh Watch Gov. Martin O’Malley (D, MD) torpedo his Presidential hopes!

It’s quite fun to see:

Basically, O’Malley was asked if we were better off than we were four years ago, and he said something mind-numbingly stupid and career-blighting in response.  No, it’s not that he said ‘No.’  That’s just O’Malley being honest: everybody knows that the country’s not gotten better in the last four years.  No, where the governor screwed up was in saying “…but that’s not the question of this election.” O’Malley’s been swimming in the political kiddie pool that is a reliable one-party Blue State for just a bit too long if he thinks that he can get away with unilaterally defining the rules of the discussion.  The rest of us get a vote on what this election is about, thanks: and the Democrats don’t get to simply wave off questions that they don’t like.

Well, true, they can technically do that.  They just shouldn’t get upset when it turns out to be a nonviable election strategy…