QotD, Is @BarackObama a FOOL? edition.

I ask because of this quote from the Wall Street Journal:

“[Barack Obama] has a rap he uses all the time on the campaign trail about this being the election that will break the stalemate in Washington. But when you look at it, it sounds like he’s just talking about getting him re-elected,” Mr. Hickey said.

The background here is that Barack Obama is becoming infamous for his lack of support for other, theoretically-fellow Democrats – to the point where he doesn’t even bother to mention the local ones in his local speeches, explicitly including the ones running for re-election.  And the subtext here is that “Mr. Hickey” is Roger Hickey, “co-director of the liberal advocacy group Campaign for America’s Future.”  You know it’s bad when reliable Democratic shills are making the same observations about a Democratic candidate that I would.


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