#rsrh Hmm! Cover the DNC, or read the latest SM Stirling? What will have more long-term relevance?

…The SM Stirling it is, then.


  • Doc Holliday says:

    For some reason I that load on tv. But I am thinking about reading General Ewell’s Official Report of the Pennsylvania Campaign AKA Gettysburg later. Ok I admit, I like it dry.

  • DaveP. says:

    …full of steely-jawed grey eyed South Africans. Or possibly steely-eyed greyjawed South Africans.

  • Jbird says:

    Once again I must reiterate that I rely on you for snarky partisan commentary. I’m watching, it’d help me slog through if I could read snarky partisan reactions to the tom-foolery.

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