So, there I am in Skyrim…

…bringing somebody a horse that I stole for him (after double-crossing him with the woman that the horse was being stolen from).  Only when I get to said guy, waiting for us are two vampires, a giant spider, and an assassin.  The scene ends with the horse dead, the guy running screaming off into the night while on fire (fortunately, he paid me first), and me both poisoned AND down with a quick case of preliminary vampirism.

Worst. Rendezvous point. EVER.

The funny part?  It could have been worse. Lydia didn’t walk in front of my fireball this time.

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  • Aruges says:

    For me, it ended with him being eaten by said monsters after I blackmailed him into giving me the horse. He did get to yell a “This isn’t the last you’ll hear of me!” speech out before being eaten though…

  • Aruges says:

    That whole event become just one part of my larger plan to destroy Maven Blackbriar, however…

  • Stump says:

    I just started playing (my wife actually had the game gifted to her Steam account, and I oh so innocently asked for her login). Only about 35 hours in to the game and I have been really surprised at some of the events. I’ve started compulsively quick saving because of things like, I don’t know, quick traveling to a quest location to find two giants, two mammoths, a dragon, and a cultist waiting for me.

    Lesson I learned – giants are bigger bad asses than dragons. Who knew?

    GI Joe said knowing was half the battle so I should be prepared when this happens to me, right?

    Speaking of surprises, has anyone run in to what I can only describe as The Hangover quest line yet?

    Also, I ditched Lydia for one of the Companion characters who is ranged so I could /cast/ my firebolt spells instead of hack and slash in robes. I swear that chick has a death wish, even after I gave her a magic resist shield to survive me.

  • Stump says:

    Hah, must’ve missed that one, but so true.

    I always considered it a sign of overkill when my corpse is still flying /up/ and the game auto loads my last save…

  • Kresh says:

    …and that’s why I don’t fast-travel in ANY Bethesda “sandbox” games. Something is a tad, oh, unrealistic, about my seasoned adventurer somehow not seeing bandits, giant scorpions, assassins (hanging out on the side of the road with gangster lean in full effect), chain-gun toting mutants, or whatever sundry “random encounter” the game decides is appropriate due to my character level, supposedly surprising me at a place I’ve cleared out five times already.
    I mean, really, the supermarket is empty guys. No, really! Quit loitering already. Sheesh. There’s a whole town of smug SOBs just up the road already. They’ve got a crappy old robot, the thirstiest bum in existence, and a sniper that never, ever, leaves his nest. Plus, once you get past the paper-thin shell they call “security,” the center is full of tasty jerk-face nougat. Especially the guy who runs the the bar. ESPECIALLY HIM. HE’S VERY TASTY.
    Anyways. I’ll try Dawnguard when it goes on sale this winter.

  • Roy Lofquist says:

    Hey, guys. I own the world and everything in it. I’ve spent 8 skill points, never consumed a potion, or bought a thing except a few spells. Level 22 and took down 5 giants in one encounter.

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