I am gently reminded that when it comes to rattling a tip jar…

…that most people are paid on a Friday.  Good point and silly me.

Remember, your contributions will not be funding cutting-edge videos like this one:

…and thank God for that, huh? Nah, it’s all going to go towards disposable media or something to keep me sane for the next sixty days.


  • qixlqatl says:

    Blew the whole budget on sfx, I see 😉

  • HeartbreakRidge says:

    Fallout New Vegas?

  • Greg Benton says:

    Hey Moe…

    In honor of Heartbreak Ridge, I adapted, I improvised, and I overcame… the donate button on this post. I used the one on the sidebar instead bc the button in this post gives an error when I click on it.

    I am not Barack Obama but I approve of the use of the high chair for Joe Biden in that video… priceless.

    Also… belatedly, I bought Andrew Breitbart’s book through your Amazon link the other day along with Greg Gutfeld’s book. I appreciate Breitbart even more, and wanted to thank you for linking the title in your Amazon widget.

    May I suggest, if you have not already, that you make a collection of your most awesome and legendary posts and put them in a Kindle book for sale? I think that would put some cheddar in the bank, too.

    • Moe_Lane says:

      Huh. Dunno why that didn’t work: anyway, fixed it. Thanks for pointing that out, and thanks for donating.

      Moe Lane

      PS: The RS cross-posting complicates putting a book of essays together. Also: my snark ages quickly.

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