#rsrh President can’t use iPhone. Naturally, he blames the owner.

Of course he did.

The president then ha[d] more trouble dialing. When the call didn’t go through, he blamed Mr. Nicholson for having an insufficient cell phone plan.

Blaming other people is the default option for Barack Obama, after all. I’d call him a one-trick pony, except that ponies are cool.

Moe Lane

Via Instapundit.

21 thoughts on “#rsrh President can’t use iPhone. Naturally, he blames the owner.”

  1. Dear Princess Celestia… today I discovered ponies in my political discourse. I wasn’t really sure what to make of it. Your faithful student, Flakbait.

  2. The iPhone’s owner should have paraphrased Bugs Bunny as he replied to Obie:

    “Nuttin’ wrong wit dis phone. Ngyeh, must be you.”

  3. And when America goes down the tubes, he’ll use Otter’s excuse:
    “You f*cked up! You trusted us!”

  4. The finger-pointing and blame game is going to be ferocious on November 7th. None of it will be Obama’s fault of course, as gods are, by definition, blameless. Hanging chads, butterfly ballots, Supreme Court decisions, it’s all been tried before, so he’ll have to think of something a bit different. Rev Wright comes to mind. The good part about him being so young is that we’ll get another 30 years or more to make fun of him whining and moaning. Like we do Carter. Maybe he can join Carter building crappy houses for the poor. Wouldn’t that be a gas, finding out Obama can’t use modern technology or a simple hammer.

  5. How to deal with pony that takes no responsibility for his actions and blames other ponies for his failures after he bankrupts Equestria? Sounds like a good lesson for Twilight Sparkle.

  6. I think what annoys me the most is that the taxpayers are springing for a staff of several hundred people for this guy and collectively this is the best they could come up with. OMG. And they expect me to believe we can’t cut the budget without starving babies….

  7. It didn’t surprise me that O, a BB user, couldn’t dial an iPhone. No doubt I’d fumble my first attempt at making a call with a BB. Struggling with an unfamiliar phone is Not News, and I’m a little embarassed that some of my favorite bloggers are making it so. But that he blamed the iPhone owner – now, THAT’S something. THAT’S news worth hearing.

  8. Actually a whole bunch of ponies are little jerks with attitudes. Oh sure, they’re cute to look at and all — but just go and try to get on them and about 90% of them are going to give you a really hard time.

    Sounds a lot like O.

  9. a narcissist never accepts blame, only accolades. the only way to deal with a narcissist is to have as little contact with them as possible, they do not perceive themselves in need of any correction on their part

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