#rsrh Sherrod Brown’s (D, OH) babbling about the Chinese under his bed again.

Out there.  Lurking.  Lurking.

But seriously — is the heir to Mao’s legacy, or some his minions, or perhaps a U.S.-based subsidiary of a Chinese company, in bed with conservative political and business groups that want to see Brown leave Washington?

Brown has suggested as much since earlier this summer. He qualifies it by saying that he does not know for sure that Chinese interests are spending in hopes of an Ohio voter coup. But he says he thinks it could be so.

“Coup.”  One hopes that the distingui… the Senator from Ohio didn’t use that actual word, in much the same way that one hopes that he was neither wearing underpants on his head, nor mumbling about strawberries.  Still, look on the bright side: at least Sherrod Brown isn’t talking about the Jewish Chinese international conspiracy against him.


Via @pbolyard.

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