#rsrh Obama reverses himself on his Egypt gaffe.

Jeff Emanuel has the details – short version; “Obama’s “ally” comment was not pre-arranged or prepared by staff and that the question was not anticipated,” which is semantically equivalent to “Barack Obama shoots first and aims later” – but I’d like to tie this all together and point out; the last 48 hours have been not the regular media’s best days.  In fact, as Erick rather bluntly put it, The American Media Beclowned Themselves by harping on what was pretty much a non-controversial comment by Romney; it makes their coverage of Obama’s inability to remember what an ally is – and this is something that we pretty much do expect members of the executive branch to keep track of, because it’s part of their jobs – a bit more difficult.  They must cover it, you see… but the more they cover it, the worse it is for their original narrative.

I predict that the regular media will give the bare minimum of time necessary to grudgingly keep track of this story until they think that they can safely change the subject. …Whoops!  Hit Publish too soon.  I also predict that this strategy of theirs won’t work as well as they hope that it will.

Moe Lane



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