#rsrh Quick observation: George W Bush wouldn’t have tolerated coordinated embassy assaults.

And let me make that clear: that means that George W Bush would have both made sure that it was clear that such assaults wouldn’t be tolerated; and he’d have American counter-intelligence forces preemptively roll up any networks trying to create any kind of cross-national, ‘spontaneous’ mass demonstrations/assaults.  Like the kind that we may be seeing this week.

Also: if you’re wondering why it is there seems to be more of these events lately, well… it’s not just because Barack Obama’s reputation is starting to precede him.  It’s also because we’ve kind of gotten out of the habit of grabbing terrorists and squeezing them dry, and gotten into the habit of killing them via drone strikes.  Which is roughly equivalent to treating a persistent infection with the topical application of disinfectant; it kills the germs on the surface, but if the underlying problem isn’t treated then at best you’re just keeping things from getting worse.

6 thoughts on “#rsrh Quick observation: George W Bush wouldn’t have tolerated coordinated embassy assaults.”

  1. Yeah, but Bush actually sat with and spoke with intelligence officers on a daily basis — you know, asking questions, making suggestions. Obama has his daily “briefing” printed out and dropped off at the residence.
    No mention if he actually reads it.

  2. Actually, if you only treat the surface germs, the infection becomes resistant to the treatment and you eventually end up with a WAY worse problem than you’d have had if you’d treated properly.

    Yes, I like this analogy!

    Couldn’t the president at least have Skyped with the intelligence officers?? Talk about not even phoning it in!

  3. George Bush would also probably not have to say out loud, on Air Force One, that he *believes in the First Amendment*. See, because that should be UNDERSTOOD.

  4. Given, the revelations in Woodward’s book, the intelligence officers are probably glad they don’t have to deal with Obama’s childish antics. Read Woodward’s book and the one that comes across in the debt crisis, John Boehner was the only adult in a playroom (as sad as that statement is).

  5. Ooh, did that *sting*, Liesse Langlois? Good, I’m glad. Now, I’m pretty sure that English isn’t your first language, so I’m going to give you a free hint: there’s a difference between ‘tolerated’ and ‘endured.’ Feel free to educate yourself on the difference.

    Somewhere else.

    Moe Lane

    PS: Zip up your pants.

    PPS: Direct-to-spam filters are a wonderful thing, bucko.

    PPS: No, your original comment didn’t see daylight, either.

  6. I kinda wonder if the Cairo Embassy would have ordered the Marines there NOT to carry live ammo? That doesn’t seem like something he would countenance, though the Progressives always seem to fear their own Armed Forces. No bullets???? No American guarding forces in Benghazi? Where did the State Department leave their minds??? :O

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