#rsrh I’ll say it in public, sure: I wish John McCain had won.

And you can assume that I know that he would have infuriated me and other conservatives on a regular basis; that we would have had a knock-down, drag-out internal fight over the fallout from Citizens United; that the Republican party probably would not have cleaned up so thoroughly in the last election cycle; and that right now we’d have to listen to nigh-infinite waves of shuffling Obama zombies telling us that we would have avoided 6% unemployment, $2.60/gallon gas, and $11 trillion debt* if only we hadn’t been such racists.

Yeah, sorry: I still wish John McCain had won, and I’ll say so in public until the cows come homeI got kids.

Moe Lane

*All three numbers for that alternate were estimated (read: “eyeballed”) under the assumption that McCain would have done pretty much nothing at all, which would frankly have been a better option than the counter-productive imbecility that has been the hallmark of the Obama administration.


  • Tnfriendofcoal101368 says:

    Who knew hope and change really meant Jimmy Carter’s 2nd term? It worked as well the second term as the first,

  • OU812 says:

    I wish people are smart enough this fall to not vote for Jimmy Carter’s third term. Even a Reagan couldn’t fix the damage that would result from that. Fingers tightly crossed.

  • acat says:

    There’s a big difference between Carter and Obama, OU812… and it may well be a crucial one.

    When Carter was elected, the “iron triangle” that supported the Blue State model, that is Big Business (GM, U.S. Steel, AT&T, etc.) paying big bucks to Big Unions, all supervised by Big Government was still viable…. barely.

    By the time Obama was elected, the iron triangle was long shattered… U.S. Steel is a shadow of its’ former self, GM is effectively bankrupt, AT&T is splintered.. and while Obama had the opportunity (unlike Carter) to try to write a new model, he chose to try to go backwards .. he tried to re-inflate Big Unions (United Auto Workers) at the expense of the GM and Chrysler bond-holders.

    In some ways, I would like to see an Obama second term, hobbled by a GOP-controlled Congress. That would force a reckoning between Executive overreach and Legislative authority… and could theoretically result in longer-lasting (stare decisis) increase in liberty.

    The problem, of course, is there aren’t enough Conservatives with stones in congress.


  • Robert M Mitchell Jr. says:

    Got it in one, Mr. Lane. It still stuns me to see Conservatives say that W was bad at spending, now that we have seen what an unfettered Democrat can do. Sigh, making the Perfect the Enemy of the Good is such a Republican problem.

  • Patrick M says:

    2008 was really a choice between another Carter and another GHWBush.

    Ah, the evil of two lessors!

    Still, conservatives would have been ticked off royally by McCain’s moderation, but we wouldnt have had Obamacare and I doubt we’d be anywhere close to $6 trillion in more debt.

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