The second-to-last ever “Why Lie? I just want an Xbox” pledge drive post (with added promise/threat).

As you can see, we are at a good place: one where I am remarkably close to getting the Xbox 360 with 250 GB.

…So I’m going to give this one more day and we’ll see how that goes. To ‘sweeten’ the pot, here’s my promise: if I can get enough in the next day to get the full 250 GB, Kinect, yadda yadda… I will sing a song and put it on YouTube.

As I said: promise/threat.

Moe Lane

PS: I will be picking the song, but I will be picking it from helpful suggestions in comments by my loyal readers. My only restrictions will be that it be reasonably clean, not overtly political, and more or less inside my range.


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