#rsrh QotD, Ace of AOSHQ sums it up perfectly.

“It” being the Jim Messina Meme Generator.  If you don’t know what that is, OK, lucky you.  Essentially, OfA campaign manager Jim Messina put up a picture of himself (you can click on the above link to see it) that had people on his own side going That’s not helpful, Jim.  it’s so bad, in fact, that the mockery has already started – only, as Ace put it:

Now, via @bdomenech, a Meme Generator for adding snarky headlines to the Jim Messina Cry for Help.

The only problem is: There’s only one joke here with a couple of dozen variations. We are all thinking exactly the same thing, and what we’re thinking is: One day we will find his cache of Clown Paintings.

Which is why I haven’t really hit this.  I mean, I’ve had horrible pictures taken of me myself.  Admittedly, not this horrible – but still, pretty horrible.  I’m just sorry that there’s nobody in this dude’s life who couldn’t have waved Messina off on this one – I mean, that’s one thing that Significant Others are for.



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