#rsrh The missing pieces of the WaPo’s ‘fact-checking’ of Obama’s Operation Fast & Furious remarks.

It’s a miracle that we got three Pinocchios out of them, frankly.  Anyway, here are three things missing from the WaPo critique:

  1. Operation Wide Receiver attempted to track the guns that had been allowed to be sold to suspected gun-runners; Operation Fast & Furious did not.
  2. Operation Wide Receiver was done in cooperation with the Mexican government; Operation Fast & Furious did not*.
  3. Several hundred Mexicans (minimum) also died because of Operation Fast & Furious.

These are all significant details – and the lack of mention of Mexican casualties is particularly egregious, given that Obama’s original lie was made in a Latino forum hosted by a Spanish-language television network. Poor form, Washington Post: poor form.  C-, and do better next time.

Moe Lane

*The source for those two differences? Eric Holder.


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  • tnfriendofcoal101368 says:

    To their credit, Ramos and Salinas didn’t let that point slip by. Uh, you know Mr. President people get killed when you make mistakes and yes Ramos was right this snotburger with a side worm fries deserved to get Eric Holder fired.

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