#rsrh Romney-Ryan ad: “Mute button.”

Come, I will conceal nothing from you: I have to give Nancy Pelosi a style point for doing this.  A symbolic style point – she doesn’t have the nerve to do this more publicly to the man – but a style point nonetheless.

Seriously: this set the pattern for Obama’s relationship with the Democrats in Congress since day one of his administration.  It is a dirty little secret in Washington that nobody in the legislature actually respects Obama on a fundamental level: he doesn’t lead, he doesn’t know how to lead, and he takes credit for everything good (or perceived to be good) that happens.  Muting the button on Obama so that Democrats could keep on with messing up the economic recovery is pretty representative of the Obama administration, frankly…

Moe Lane

PS: Mitt Romney for President.

Audio of the commercial.

Voiceover:  The Washington Post’s Bob Woodward reported that during negotiations on the stimulus, President Obama called the leaders of the Democratic Party: Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Harry Reid.

As he spoke, Speaker Pelosi muted the phone and went on with the meeting.

If he cannot lead his own party, how can he lead America?



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