#rsrh Fox is NOT claiming that Fast & Furious guns were found at today’s border shootout.

I know that a quick reading of the story might suggest it – short version; one Border Agent was killed and another wounded at a shootout this morning at the Brian Terry Station* in Arizona – but when Fox is referring to Fast & Furious guns found on the scene the network is referring to the 2010 Terry shooting.  It’s a breaking story; presumably they’ll clean it up a little in a little while.

More info here and here.  Prayers and good wishes to the families of the victims.

Moe Lane

PS: Fire Eric Holder.

*Named after US Border Agent Brian Terry, who was killed in a shootout with drug gangs in 2010.  Guns on the scene were traced to the government’s infamous Fast & Furious program, which was a program that disastrously allowed guns to be illegally resold to drug cartels and other violent criminals all over the American super-continent.  The Obama administration has thus far refused to hold anyone in its administration accountable for our responsibility in the murder of hundreds of people.

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