#rsrh AARP throws Obama under his own bus.

Now this must have been embarrassing:

Via @MelissaTweets. Horrible thing, when an interest group that you bought fair and square won’t stay bought…


  • tnfriendofcoal101368 says:

    Rats meet sinking ship

  • acat says:

    Rats attempting to re-inflate the illusion of bipartisanship in order to escape the sinking ship …
    Look for Dems to increasingly say “don’t kick ’em when they’re down”… and ignore them!

  • Cameron says:

    So they supported Obamacare, managed to negotiate a waiver for their company now all of the sudden they want to be impartial? I’ll spare you my commentary.

  • eoow says:

    Agree with Cameron. My wife and I cut up our card a long time ago and continue to stop by the trash as I return from the mail box. One can guess where AARP mail goes UNOPENED.

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