#rsrh Breaking from Mother Jones: Paul Ryans wants USA to emulate… Delaware.

I do not think that this will have the impact that Mother Jones thinks that it will.

For those without video, it shows Paul Ryan calmly noting that a) it makes sense to have a pro-commerce and pro-business atmosphere in the United States that will make people from other countries want to park their money in our bank and b) you can raise revenue without raising taxes by growing the economy.  While I understand that Mother Jones is almost violently opposed to pro-business and anti-taxation ideas, they are somewhat hampered by the minor detail that Paul Ryan’s next debate opponent is going to be Joe Biden, former Senator from Delaware.  Watching Biden trying to explain why it’s all right for Delaware to deliberately and unashamedly pursue business-friendly policies, but not all right for the USA to ramp up to do the same on the international scale, would be hysterical – but not as much as the Left’s reaction.  They still haven’t recovered from the beatdown that Romney gave Obama, you see.

Via AoSHQ and Riehl World View.


  • Don says:

    I don’t know. I’m nervous about the VP debate now. Biden has such a low bar to clear to be declared the “winner”. All he has to do is avoid saying something stupid, offensive or incendiary that needs to immediately be walked back.

    Here is my idea of Biden defending Obama’s record.


  • Challeron says:

    Heh; you presume that Slow Joe knows anything more about Delaware Tax Law than he knows about what restaurant he eats at every time he goes home.…

  • countrydoc says:

    Mother Jones is a business isn’t it? They have things called revenue, accountants, taxes. It boggles the mind.

  • jbird says:

    Mother Jones is making campaign ads for Romney/Ryan now?

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