#rsrh If you’re not on Twitter…

…then you are missing the most hysterical meltdown EVER about a simple Pew/CNN poll showing Romney ahead of Obama 49/45 among likely voters.  And I mean “hysterical” in every sense of the term.  The best ones are the folks who have suddenly discovered the joys of arguing partisan ID.  Personally, I consider R+3 (Pew’s finding for likely voters) a heck of a lot more believable than the D+8 or higher that we were supposedly seeing last month… but then, I’m a partisan hack, so that’s exactly what you’d EXPECT me to think.

Moe Lane

PS: Barack Obama really did screw up that debate, you know.

PPS: Don’t get cocky, kid.  Volunteer. Vote. Contribute.


  • acat says:

    . . . . Summary, please? One of those storyline things?


  • westcoastpatriette says:

    Hi, kitty…I don’t even have to read twitter to laugh. Been laughing since the debate last week started. hahahahaha

  • qixlqatl says:

    No links to any particularly juicy tweets?

  • Doc Holliday says:

    Twitter is exploding again because a black actress tweeted support for Romney. Of course she is being told to kill herself, called a house slave, basically every horrific thing i the book. The news articles on this actresses post are going into the hundreds and will likely reach the thousands. Maybe this could be the biggest news of the day! I mean, the lady acted in the 1995 movie Clueless! How could this not be the top news of the day?

    I title this post “Why I am not on Twitter” and “Who Lost America?”

  • Ryan B says:

    Any hashtags to look for?

  • Mija 'acat' Cat says:

    I dunno, Doc. Any cracks in the monolith are important.


  • Aruges says:

    As an addition to the “Polls go up. Polls go down.” advice, I’ll say “Beating an incumbent is HARD.” Romney/Ryan need to nail all their debates and run a flawless final month of campaigning to hope to win.

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