Today’s moment in applied terror from MoeLane.com.

You know how, a lot of times, history decides that the classic, emblematic art of a particular time period was something else different than the art that the people of said time period would pick? My favorite example is Dracula: if you told people in the 19th century that the novel would end up being taught in literature classes they’d have looked at you with the same pitying contempt that they reserved for opium addicts. None the less: a lot of times that sort of thing, well, happens.

So… Ice, Ice Baby.

Yeah, I know. But… imagine how that video is going to look to somebody from, say, 2050. They’re not going to get any of the subtle cues that told my generation This man is a complete and total prat; they’re just going to see that, hey, it has a nice beat and you can dance to it.  Hell, people half my age probably already think that it was that fun song from Glee.

Sorry to bring it up, but this is cheaper therapy than trepanning.


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