“We Belong.”

We Belong, Pat Benatar


Have I mentioned that there’s a REALLY a Capella version of this one out there?ย  As in, the people who did it imitated the guitars and drums?


  • Doc Holliday says:

    Good stuff, and this is from a country boy, at heart at least. I realized something about movies and music. the impact is extremely based on the age of the fan. There are movies and songs from the 70s and 80s that will always mean something to me, but I could not tell you the top rock or Country singers from the last decade.

    The listener doesn’t only have to be there, but they have to care, jmho.

  • NotSoBlueStater says:

    Not everything Pat Benetar and Neil Giraldi have produced is worthy of praise, I suppose, but some of it is: This, for example. I feel the same way about Madonna.

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