#rsrh Please note this violation of copyright, @sesameworkshop…

which is really quite brazen:

Plans to save Big Bird, the fuzzy yellow character on U.S. public television’s “Sesame Street,” from possible extinction are taking shape in the form of a puppet-based protest next month dubbed the “Million Muppet March.”

The demonstration is planned for November 3 at the National Mall in Washington, D.C., three days before the general election.

Obviously, if the two people who came up with this waste of time manage to get more than a thousand people it’ll be a minor miracle; but trademark violation is trademark violation, and the MMM was certainly remarkably indifferent to respecting Sesame Workshop’s intellectual property here.  So the Sesame Workshop needs to ask itself: which group does it want to annoy?  Liberals (who stereotypically largely don’t have kids), or Republicans (who stereotypically do)?

Moe Lane


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