#rsrh So, why DOES Conde Nast own Reddit? And Barack Obama patronize* it?

I will readily enough admit: from my point of view the conflict between the odiously liberal Reddit and the odiously odious Gawker** has all of the charms of the Iraq-Iran war, with the added bonus that there are no actual innocents in the way to make me feel bad about watching both sides savage each other.  So normally I’d just look upon this latest escalation, and snicker – only, @amandacarpenter raises an excellent point:

Those are both good questions.  I’m imagining the reaction if it had been, say, Romney who did a digital town hall or whatever it was with Reddit – and it wouldn’t be pretty.  For that matter, so can Romney… which also answers the question Why don’t more Republican politicians do popular social media sites?  It’s because Republicans can’t get away with visiting a social media site that’s also a filthy cesspool, frankly.

Whoops!  They’re going to toss me out of the Cool People Social Media Club for writing that.  Which I have been a member of since, well, never.

Moe Lane

*Read that any way you like.

**Short version: Gawker discovered the real identity of an, um, well.  I guess the best description would be the ‘Platonic Ideal of the Internet Troll.’  They outed said troll.  Reddit is unhappy about it, in a somewhat transcendentally enraged fashion.


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