Keeping track of switched endorsements: 10/21/2012.

[UPDATE: The list that I’m using purports to be the top 100 newspapers by circulation.  I’m not really using it as a resource – it doesn’t update often enough – but I had to use something and I’m sure that if it and I miss a high-circulation newspaper somebody will tell me.]

[ANOTHER UPDATE: Yes, yes, YES, the New York Observer flipped, too.  It’s just not on the highest-circulation list I’m using.  Sorry.]

Below are the newspapers that have endorsed Romney in 2012 that also endorsed Obama in 2008 (sorted in order of their ranking here).  I’ll be updating this list as I and they go.

I also expect a certain amount of snarling, bluster, and/or brassy nervousness from the Other Side over the list in question… especially as the list of switchers gets longer.  Which it will.

Moe Lane

PS: What’s that? Oh, yes, newspaper endorsements don’t have the luster that they once did.  Then again: neither does Barack Obama.

6 thoughts on “Keeping track of switched endorsements: 10/21/2012.”

  1. Moe…I think the Las Vegas Review Journal endorsed Obama in 2008? I know they have endorsed Romney..what about the Pittsburgh Tribune? They endorsed Romney today as well…did they endorse Obama back in 2008?


    Galveston Daily News switches endorsement from O in 2008 to Romney.

    “Four years ago, then-candidate Barack Obama used an inspirational message of change and undeniable charisma to convince a majority of the American people he should be the next president of the United States.

    Today, that hope President Obama was so successfully able to foster in the American people has all but disappeared as the policies and programs he has implemented have made the difficult economic and foreign policy issues he inherited worse instead of better.

    Which is why we recommend Gov. Mitt Romney, the Republican challenger, for president.”

  3. 1976 – Jimmy Carter
    1980 – Jimmy Carter
    1984 – Walter Mondale
    1988 – Michael Dukakis
    1992 – Bill Clinton
    1996 – Bill Clinton
    2000 – Al Gore
    2004 – John Kerry
    2008 – Barack Obama
    2012 – Mitt Romney

    Mr. President when you’ve lost the editorial board of the Tennessean – you have lost your uhm, uh BASE.

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