Do you know what the best part of this Crazy Dan Rather Ohio conpiracy theory is?

It’s the part in bold:

“Keep in mind: The whole upper tier of Ohio state government is in the hands of the GOP now,” Rather explained in a Facebook post this morning.

Dan Rather, brought low by social media, is now forced to rely on social media to find anybody who will be willing to even listen to him.

Karma. It’s what’s for dinner.


  • BigGator5 says:

    I love your comment you made some time ago:

    I’ve long taken the position that revenge is a dish that is best served… served; the actual temperature can be to taste.

    I have it on my site in the random quote generator. I don’t know if it applies here, I’m just enjoying bringing it up right now.

  • Michael says:

    Rather is a moron! What Dan because Polls with Plus 7,8 and 9 Dem in a Red State show Obama tied or barely ahead. Not one serious person will find Oh with anything more than AT BEST PLUS 3 Dem in OH….with that scenario..even Plus 4 or 5…Dems lose the State. I find it interesting that Q-Poll had to go even further to the Partisann Divide.

    Moe…notice that OH is the state with the MOST SKEWED SAMPLING!! Why? the Dems must keep the idea that Obama is slightly ahead or tied. No real Observer that looks at that Partisan Split will buy Obama is ahead….HE IS BEHIND. The overwhelming majority of my family lives in OH and they will tell you the MODE FOR ROMNEY is ELECTRIC and JAZZED. The GOTV is massive and a few of my family is working and volunteering with Mitt and they are crushing McCain in calls, mailings, knocking on doors…people have no idea! The Evangelicals will be out in MASSIVE NUMBERS here like 2004…not 2008. They will tip this state along with many Catholics that have had it with Obama….soon to come Plus 12, 13 and 14 to show race tight.

  • Rob Crawford says:

    If the country goes down in flames, it will be primarily due to statements like Rather’s. It is an accusation without evidence and even without a triggering incident. We have not even begun to count the ballots and he’s declaring it fraudulently lost — what if some weak-minded individual (and, let’s be honest, only the weak-minded pay attention to Rather) is moved to violence?
    The Ohio Republican Party should demand Rather name names, or admit he’s spinning fantasies. Anyone he slanders should sue to confiscate whatever wealth he has left.

  • Rob Crawford says:

    “Moe…notice that OH is the state with the MOST SKEWED SAMPLING!!”
    I’ve been told that’s simply unpossible. I’ve been reassured the polling companies simply do not adjust their numbers for partisan purposes.

  • countrydoc says:

    Next he’ll be meeting his audience in a Sak-n-Save parking lot.

  • Dave says:

    Who is Dan Rather?

  • DaveP. says:

    For some people, ANY republican victory simply has to be the result of a stolen election. Al Gore’s attempt to lawsuit his way into the Presidnecy has caused damage to the body politic that may take generations to heal.

  • acat says:

    For the sake of memory lane:
    The throbbing memo!

  • Wennejunk says:

    Dan Rather…Dan Rather….Hmmm.

    Is he a college football coach?

    The name is familiar, but no, I can’t really place him.

  • Diggs says:

    “Keep in mind: The whole upper tier of Ohio state government is in the hands of the GOP now,”
    So…? Did Rather have a problem when the whole upper tier of our FEDERAL government was in the hands of the Democratic Party from Jan 2009 to Jan 2011?

  • Bill says:

    And Dan has the documents to prove it!

  • JPB says:

    What are the odds that he wrote this in his pajamas?

    The irony is so sweet.

  • Robbins Mitchell says:

    It sounds like “Kenneth” has at long last found his “frequency”

  • glitchus says:

    That Dan Rather still even has a semblance of a career in the media astounds me after what he did. He’s just another major example of the radical left corruption that permeates “journalism”.

  • elkh1 says:

    countrydoc: Next he’ll be meeting his audience in a Sak-n-Save parking lot.

    Is that the parking lot where they buried Jimmy Hoffer before they poured the cement?

  • Nate Whilk says:

    Dan Rather? He played Hoss on “Bonanza”, right?

  • acat says:

    I wonder, @elkh1, if he’ll draw better than Sandra Fluke.

  • B Dubya says:

    Ah, yes.

    I can retire now. My work here is done.

    Rather’s only remaining soapbox is teh Facebook.


  • Charlie Gibson says:

    Dan Rather? Haven’t heard of him.

  • Lee Reynolds says:

    Wait….isn’t Dan Rather that guy who was molesting all those boys at Penn State? Isn’t he in prison?

  • Tulsa Jack says:

    We know Dan, that flash in the pan, the Nothing Man, who’d rather blather than blather, rather.

  • Martha says:

    Dan Rather? Nah he wasn’t Hoss on Bonanza, wasn’t he Artimus Gordon on The Wild, Wild West?

  • John Blake says:

    Apologies to Yeats: Dan Rather is an old sow who eats her own piglets.

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