My take on the last debate:



What? Ehh, Obama didn’t win. Mitt Romney needed to look like he was ready to be President; he achieved that; Obama didn’t want him to do that.

I figure that the focus groups will give this one on Obama on points; but then, they did that last week, too, and the race didn’t shift in the slightest.


  • Doc Holliday says:

    Romney is no Reagan. I am not talking about the statue or unreachable ideal. I am saying no way Reagan would have conducted a debate in that way.

    Romney played a prevent defense, he hugged Obama the whole way. I am sorry Mitt, 1 win and 2 ties is not a strong way to leave a string of debates if you are the challenger. I hope you win Romney, no one wants Obama out more than I do. I am doing my part, but I will not lie and say you did a good job in the debates.

    Why did you not ask Obama about his own business and work experience? Why did you not ask Obama why he did not allow Marines to defend our ambassador in Libya? Why did you not mention that that the president is endorsed by Ahmadenejad, Chavez, Castro, and Putin?

    And to reiterate the question that needed to be asked in all three debates. “You criticize my business and work experience Mr. community organizer, can you please tell us about your business experience”.

  • acat says:

    Romney takes your vote for granted, Doc… he isn’t playing to you, you’re already committed.

  • Doc Holliday says:

    it is not my vote he should have fought for Acat. He was going after low information voters. Did he give them a lot of good information so that they could make a decision? I am saying he did not.

  • acat says:

    Ace of Spades has made the point a couple times, Doc, that low-information-voters don’t want to read the plan, they just want to know that there *is* a plan.
    Real Life ™ prevented me from watching the debate, so I will trust your opinion, Doc, of whether Romney looked like a man with a plan or not…

  • Luke says:

    “Real Life” didn’t keep me from watching the debate.
    Sports did.

    Quite bluntly, I’m just ready for this d*mn*d thing to be over.

  • Doc Holliday says:

    he has a plan Acat, I don’t doubt that. The problem is taking on Obama and the socialist left is not part of his plan.

  • Michael says:

    Sorry Doc,

    You wanted more fighting which is wrong. Mitt pivoted beautifully back to the Economy…the overwhelmingly most important issue! Petty squabbles over Libya would not have worked. Already Obama is suffering for his horrible handling of Libya.

    But Obama on Defense Cuts, Bayonets, Lack of Leadership and NO PLAN TO HELP AMERICANS made him look small.

    I disagree with Moe….Mitt won the overall debate…this POINT BS is BS!! Like Rush says this is not a basketball game with POINTS….GOD! It was is Mitt acceptable on Foreign Policy…BIG YES TONIGHT!!

    But even tonight again Mitt beat Obama on the ECONOMY which is the ONLY ISSUE in the end that matters. Sorry it is the Economy Stupid and Mitt tied a GREAT AMERICAN ECONOMY to great AMERICAN FOREIGN POLICY!! Brilliant!

    Reagan avoided squabbles as well. Loser or those losing do that!

    PPP…POLL after the debate with INDYs:

    32 more likely to vote for Obama
    48 more UNLIKELY to vote for Obama

    47 more LIKELY to vote for Romney
    35 more unlikely to vote for Romney

    Anymore questions Doc Holliday?

  • Doc Holliday says:


    you are just wrong but I am smart enough not to try to convince you of that. No sir, I don’t have more questions, heck I don’t remember asking you a one. But your post says it all, no reason for me to rub salt in.

  • Doc Holliday says:

    @Michael. Are you a lost Red Stater? Most people here just say what they believe and read what others have to say. We don’t generally attack each other and insult people personally.

    I have no interest in taking shot at you, to be honest I could care less what you think. And you should not be so worried about shooting down what I think. I have done my best for Romney in the real world, and I will continue to do so. YOu can’t out debate me. You can’t convince me that Romney did great and I got it all wrong. If you think Romney kicked ass, then say it, you don’t need to try and fail to take me down in the process.

  • Michael says:

    No Doc…it is not about questions. Mitt gave a clear plan for his Economic vision…which is what matters. He does not need to ask Obama about his business background since most know he has none. What has kept Obama strong for so long has been his likeable image. That is slipping away along with his poll numbers while Mitt’s likeability/favorability has grown. He has done this by paiting a great economic vision without the partisan attacks. Obama does himself in by being petty and clearly with no plan. Just by seeing that one can tell Obama has no business background or clue on the economy.

    In Frank Luntz focus group tonight…they gave Obama a slight edge on FP, thought Mitt won on points but that Mitt overwhelmingly won on the ECONOMY!! Again Mitt wins the issue that matters number one way above everything else.

    He did great on FP in showing his understanding of issues. On Iran he was excellent. So he stood toe to toe on FP….and he was professional at all times. Yet Obama has nothing to offer on the economy! Which is why Obama may win debates on points but loses the votes.

    Even CNN again….48/40 of RV thought Obama won debate yet more were likely to vote for Romney over Obama. Why? Obama was petty and offers nothing on the economy.

    His Navy remark and Bayonets was not well received over Twitter or Militay Personnel.

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