Expanding the map: GOP moves to lock down ME-02.

Essentially, the Restore Our Future Super PAC* will be putting in a 300K ad buy in that market over the next week. It’s a twofer: first, it helps blanket New Hampshire, which is one place where Obama for America is currently frantically trying to shore up its latest firewall.  Second, it covers… ME-02.  Recent partisan polling is showing Romney ahead, there: and since Maine is one of two states where some of its Electoral Votes are distributed by who wins its Congressional Districts, well.  It’s apparently worth 300K to explore the possibility.

If you’re wondering: yes, the state legislature did make ME-02 more competitive this go-round for Republicans, but not by all that much.  Truth is, if somebody else besides Obama was on the ticket this EV would probably be out of reach.  Fortunately, Obama is on the ticket.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: We do have a guy in ME-02: Kevin Raye.  He certainly wouldn’t mind your support.

*Which is, like ALL Super PACs on both sides of the contest, completely independent of the parent campaign.  Completely.

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  1. One of the bad side effects of living next to New Hampshire when it’s in play for Romney (I live in Maine’s 1st district), is the Obama ads constantly on TV. Needless to say I tend to watch less TV these days. Usually they (Democrats) don’t waste their money up here or at least it seemed that way in elections past.

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