Jim Moran’s (D, VA-08) former campaign manager/still son under criminal investigation for voter fraud.

That’s a pretty danged full headline, but I don’t care. There’s something magical about the possibility of a campaign manager doing a perp walk:

The Arlington County Police Department has opened a criminal investigation into a video of Patrick Moran, son of Rep. Jim Moran and former field director of his reelection campaign.

The video, released yesterday by conservative activist James O’Keefe, allegedly shows Moran offering advice on how to cast fraudulent ballots.

Pat Moran jumped ship pretty much as soon as the video went public, which may save his father’s career; given that Jim Moran is a despicable Jew-hating, military-despising, corrupt child-hitting suckweasel with Poor Impulse Control that manages to get re-elected anyway, it’s not a given.  Still, having your kid in jail for counseling election fraud might be worth a couple of points at the polls…

Via Twitchy.

Moe Lane

PS: Patrick Murray is the VA-08 candidate.  And yes, he wants to hear from you.


  • Rob Crawford says:

    What makes you think the charges won’t be filed against O’Keefe and company? Moran’s long career and the apparent comfort his son showed with the idea suggests this kind of thing has been swept under the carpet before…

  • Doc Holliday says:

    As Moe knows, Moran is an infamous corruptocrat and anti-semite. The problem is that his constituents just don’t care, they are “professional Democrats”, they vote, therefore they vote for the D.

  • Doc Holliday says:

    and OF COURSE click on Moe’s link and give to Patrick Murray! Time to get rid of Jim MorOn, no matter how difficult the challenge may be.

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