Milwaukee Journal Sentinel declines to endorse ANYBODY. Smooth move, #wirecall.

Much to the chagrin of the people running for the Wisconsin Senate, and the people running for the House – but mostly to the chagrin of Barack Obama, who enjoyed the paper’s endorsement in 2008 (Kerry got it in 2004, which should tell you the paper’s basic lean).  But that’s not the funny part!  The funny part is why there is going to be no endorsement:

Veteran Wisconsin journalist Bruce Murphy writes: “Sources tell me the newspaper felt the heat of endorsing Republican Gov. Scott Walker in the bitterly contested recall election and decided it wasn’t worth it.”

Ah, those wacky Wisconsin recall folks.  Just think: if they had only maintained a collective smidgen of the self-awareness needed to act like fully-socialized citizens of the Republic and not, say, perpetually-spoiled preschoolers having a tantrum then the largest paper in Wisconsin might not have been sufficiently sickened enough of the whole thing to refuse to endorse anybody at all. …Or am I supposed to pretend that the same paper that endorsed Obama and Kerry was going to go with Romney, this time?  I can never remember just what uncomfortable truths are still safe to utter aloud, and which ones will cause psychotic breaks in the Online Left.

Moe Lane


  • techsan says:

    Guess they don’t want to stand contrary to the small cadre of people who still pay for their dead trees. Bless their hearts, they think an endorsement ever mattered.

  • Matt S. says:

    … I think that they were at least considering going for Romney if they were willing to go with Walker. You don’t fear getting burned again unless you plan to do the same thing that got you burned the first time.

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