October surprise: Obama’s killing Democratic House prospects.

Let me just list the House races that Democratic strategists are willing to admit – some, even by name! – as having been endangered by Barack Obama’s sub-par October performance.  Just list.

And then there’s the generic ballot, which has gone from plus-Democrat to even-steven. Also note the ostensible swing-state nature of most of the races on that list; you can be certain that official political operatives from both parties have.  All in all, this is pretty good news to have, less than two weeks out – both on the Congressional, and the Presidential, level.

Needless to say, the Republicans in all of the races above could use whatever support that you can muster.  The Democrats were counting on taking or holding all of those seats.  Deny them the satisfaction.

Moe Lane


8 thoughts on “October surprise: Obama’s killing Democratic House prospects.”

  1. I really hope Joe Walsh (R-IL-08) can be added to that list….
    Duckworth was recruited by Rahm Emanuel, and has all kinds of ties to the Obama / Illinois Democrats… but I haven’t heard this case being made.

  2. One good sign for Walsh is Duckworth ran that attack ad on him being a deadbeat dad. A campaign knows it is in trouble when they start running what I call “hate ads” i.e. ads designed to make you hate the other guy. I live in TN01 and I assure you, Phil Roe ain’t running any hate ads.

  3. It may be unrelated, tnfriend, but Mrs. Cat and I will be voting. We prefer to vote on election day rather than early voting, although we may change that this year as election day is looking pretty crowded.

  4. …And it follows, then, that Hussein is seriously damaging commie-lib Dem senate prospects as well.

  5. I went to college with Andy Barr, living just a few doors apart in our freshman dorm. He’s been a good guy and solid conservative since way back when, and he’ll make an outstanding congressman.

  6. I live in Walsh’s district. In my area, more Duckworth signs on the streets; few in yards. Lot of signs for Walsh in both. Went to early vote at lunchtime. Place was packed, primarily with seniors (not a good sign for Dems). I think it’s close. Make certain to talk to everyone you know who thinks like you do to get out and vote. Even my very non-political wife texted her hairdresser who voted for O in 2008 and wasn’t going to vote this time because she felt that he had scammed her into voting for him last time. My wife told her, “not voting is like voting for Obama”. I was very proud of her.

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