I happen to agree with David Axelrod.

The trajectory of the race is set.  The problem here for David Axelrod is that after the first debate his candidate was aiming for the ground, and three debates were not sufficient to level him out.  The open question of American politics right now is: what will Obama hit first?  The tree canopy, or the mountains?


  • jetty says:

    The best part is that Team O never saw this coming. Before the first debate Obama and his sycophants were so confident of victory that they didn’t even plan an October surprise – like nullifying the election or starting a war. Now it’s too late, and we get to watch them flail their arms and legs on their downward trajectory.

  • MikeM says:

    As near as I can tell from the RCP average, Obama has been pretty much flat at +/- 47% since at least early 2011. In the same time period Romney has gone from 6 points down at 41% in February 2011 to 1 point up at 48% now. Rasmussen’s chart shows Obama at about +/- 45% vs Romney over the same time period with a couple of points uptick in the last month or so, and his job approval has been at +/- 47% since 2009. Obama has had a base of 3 points below 50% forever and nothing has changed. 47% is where he has been and it looks like that is where he will stay.

  • kayakbob says:

    So if these percentages hold, Mitt Romney will be proven correct in his 47% comment(?) hmmmm.

  • acat says:

    @jetty – Cat still harbors suspicions that Benghazi was supposed to be the “October Surprise” .. but things spun badly out of control.
    Occam says I’m reaching, but .. well ..

  • tnfriendofcoal101368 says:

    @kayakbob Yeah, I criticized Romney for believing 47% of Americans were fool enough to vote for Obama. He might turn out to be right. In which case, I will apologize to the Governor.

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