Ah, Obama’s finally admitting that Michigan has become… problematic.

Obama for America’s finally buying ad time in Michigan (specifically, the Detroit market).  Fortunately, they weren’t listening to me, or they would have done it last week when I pointed out their problem.

This, of course, does not mean that we have won Michigan.  It does mean, however, that a campaign with finite resources – more finite than Romney’s, these days – is getting just a little bit nervous about the map.


  • tnfriendofcoal101368 says:

    and have you seen the recent polling in Oregon?

  • Just Dave says:

    If Michigan is becoming competitive… what does that mean for Obama’s so-called “firewall” states?

    I know, I know, don’t get cocky. But there’s campaigns that are winning, and then, there’s… this.

  • Catseye says:

    That’s the problem with overconfidence by the time you wake up to the fact that your in trouble it’s to late to do be able to do anything about it. That’s the basic problem with arrogance it leads to overconfidence.

  • Spegen says:

    On the west side of the state the only Obama ads I ever see are the awful pro-abortion ads.

  • Rob Crawford says:

    Detroit? What about Grand Rapids and the other markets? Yeah, I know Michigan is really Detroit with a small scattering of other people, but the Detroit market overlaps a bit with the Toledo market — they’ve been getting hit with ads from the Ohio buys.
    But, yeah, if they’re doing ad-buys in Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Oregon, they’ve got problems.

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