Walt Disney to acquire LucasFilm (and it’s worse than you think).

This news is undoubtedly going to have people screaming “DO NOT WANT” for some time, but let me really piddle in your corn flakes: you know all those Star Wars parodies?  All those great ones?  You know how they’re all over the place, largely because George Lucas has the laudable quality of being generally tolerant of people playing in his sandbox?

You notice how that doesn’t happen so much with Disney products?

Yeah.  There’s a reason for that.

Moe Lane

PS: Also: hey, how long can Disney keep its intellectual property out of the public domain?  That’s right, kids: forever!  Or they’ll die trying.  Amazing what you can accomplish when you have the resources to buy a couple of Senators and a bunch of Congressmen…


  • Phil Davis says:

    Hmmm, does that mean no Plinkett reviews on RedLetterMedia?

  • Spegen says:

    I can forgive a lot if the new episode is tolerable unlike the sequels. Marvel movies seem have done well under the disney banner, maybe the Pixar people can be involved.

  • Luke says:

    Given what Lucas has done to the franchise over the last decade-and-a-half…
    I’m actually OK with this.
    It’s extremely doubtful Disney will screw it up more than Lucas already has. (As you’ve noted, Disney likes to protect its intellectual properties. Which means something franchise-destroying like “The Phantom Menace” is unlikely to ever be seen again. Also, I might actually be able to buy a copy where Han shoots first. Disney’s evil, soulless, etc. But they have no compunctions about selling me what I want to buy.)
    And hey, if Disney runs the franchise into the ground, Lucas has already inoculated me against caring.

  • Free-range Oyster says:

    That Episode 7 they’re announcing had better be Heir to the Empire, IMNSHO.

  • Trent says:

    The further Lucas is out of the picture, the higher chance that a sequel will actually be tolerable. And I agree, Episode 7 better be Heir to the Empire, if only to see Mara Jade on the big screen.

  • xander says:

    I’m one of those Star Wars fans who has to hide from other fans. I liked the prequels, my favorite SW movie is Jedi, not Empire, I like the special editions (except for Greedo shooting first, that pisses me off) I could go on, but I won’t. But I will say that I kept looking at my calendar as I read the article wondering how space and time got bent to wedge an extra April 1st into the year. I am ambivalent about this whole thing. I never thought that there would be more SW films in my lifetime, but I also never thought Lucas would give up control over the franchise.

  • acat says:

    One wonders how broke ILM is .. or what price Disney offered… Haven’t seen George on S.Weasel’s Dead Pool .. should I start picking him?

  • Rob Crawford says:

    On the other hand, Disney may take this opportunity to drop the “Avatar Land” stinking load of feces and build a full-blown “Star Wars land”.

  • qixlqatl says:

    4 billion? I’m in the wrong line o’ work: I shoulda been a mouse!!

  • Spegen says:

    Please kill Avatarland, Star Wars land at the studios would be much better. Unfortunately I could see them build ewok village at animal kingdom.

  • Joseph says:

    Do you suppose that we’ll finally be able to buy “Song of the Sith” on DVD?

  • Joseph says:

    From Twitter, we can look forward to such Disney classics as…

    — When You Wish Upon a Death Star.

    — Finding Greedo.

    — Song of the Sith.

    — Lando and the Tramp.

    — Snow White and the Seven Droids.

    — The Princess Leia Diaries.

    — Emperor Palpatine’s New Groove.

    — The Wookiee.

    — Beauty and the Boba Fett.

    — Lilo & Sith.

    — The Fox and the Han Solo.

    — Droid Story.

    — Jabba the Pooh.

    — Bambi Wan Kenobi.

    — Chitty Chitty Death Star.

    — That’s So Vader.

  • tek says:

    This is great! Now, Princess Leia can join Cinderella, Snow White, Pocahontas, and the other Disney Princesses.

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