Sen. Bob Menendez (D, NJ) alleged to be involved in scandal with HOOKERS!

OK, yeah, let me explain something before we go any further.  I grew up in New Jersey, myself: and the word has never been ‘hookers’ to me.  It’s always been “HOOKERS!” – and pronounced, bizarrely enough, as if it’s being half-shouted by a Monmouth County Italian-American woman who’s been smoking for thirty years.

I’m sorry.  It’s just one of those things.

Anyway, Sen. Menendez might have gotten himself mixed up with some HOOKERS!:

For those without video access: basically, two Dominican Republic prostitutes have come forward to claim that the Senator paid for their services some time around Easter, 2012. Allegedly, the Senator only paid them $100 each of the $500 that they were promised (I think that they were only promised $500 in total). This supposedly happened in the Dominican Republic: the Daily Caller has traced the plane of a prominent Menendez donor – a plane used by the Senator on several occasions, in fact – which had flown up to a private airport convenient to Menendez, over to the compound where the alleged sex acts took place, and back to the United States at about the time that the alleged events occurred. And, if you’re wondering, the Senator had no official events at that time.

So, did he do it? I don’t know, but Bob Menendez is – and I speak as an aforementioned New Jersey expatriate – a dirty corrupt suckweasel even by the standards of his native Hudson County Democratic party, which is… malignantly impressive, by certain standards. I can totally believe that Menendez would get himself some HOOKERS!; I can also totally believe that he would try to… sorry, all of the usual phrases are unintentionally filthy… welsh out of what he owed them. And, frankly, so will most people in New Jersey.

Will it matter? …Maybe: it’s not so much the HOOKERS! as it is the fact that Menendez didn’t settle up like a gentleman. That’s just low-rent. And then there’s also this:

That’s Sen Bob Menendez saying that if those Secret Service agents actually had patronized foreign HOOKERS! (and welshing on the bill) then they should be fired. Which, you know, sounds like excellent advice.

Moe Lane

PS: Hey! Joe Kyrillos is running for Senate in NJ! I hear that he doesn’t have any allegations of foreign HOOKERS! hanging over his head, either.


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