So, I’m going through my spam filters* and I find this…

…exercise in Dear God, but these people are nuts.

I’ll give this guy the 1 Billion dollar thing – then again, nobody really expected Obama was going to be outspent – and the stuff about the election and either MO/IN is just the usual-pants-around-your-ankles posturing**.  But… are the Democrats REALLY telling their adherents that the House is in play?

REALLY? Because that ain’t happening. RCP, Stu Rothenberg, Charlie Cook, Larry Sabato – and myself, of course – have pretty much all come to the same conclusion. GOP keeps the House, easy: and Democratic gains will be minimal, at best.  Not very surprising, considering that the Obama campaign has more or less taken over the Democratic fundraising apparatus this cycle – but we were expecting a bit better from the Democrats this time.  Moral of the story: infrastructure counts.

But I should thank this guy for reminding me that I wanted to put up a post about the House.  Even a troll may serve the Light.

Moe Lane

PS: Take a look at this chart of in-play House races.  There are thirteen Ohio Republican Congressmen; five of them are freshman. Three of them (two freshmen) are on that chart as being not-safe, and merely one of them is considered to be actually in trouble.  This is not compatible with Barack Obama cruising to a win in Ohio; it is, in fact, not particularly compatible with Barack Obama winning at all…

PS: Normally I fundraise off of these idiots, but with Hurricane Sandy still messing up the East Coast I don’t feel good about doing that.  Donate to the Salvation Army, if you found this entertaining.

*Every so often I double-check, just to make sure that I’m not losing comments.  Although, to be honest… traffic is getting heavy enough that changing over to having site registration is imminent. That will mean signing up to the site to comment, folks: sorry about that, but once we broke past the 1K/day point it was kind of inevitable.

**Yeah, yeah, I know: I just made this guy’s day by doing a post.  What can I say?  I’m a giver.

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