So, I voted (VICTORY: Robocalling!).

Suburban MD: thanks to redistricting, I’m now in a much less Democratic district (which merely means that the rubble doesn’t bounce as far). Much longer lines this go-round than usual. Older crowd, more whites than I’m used to seeing, less youngsters. The polling people were brisk, professional, no shenanigans, no nonsense. I’m not going to extrapolate any of that from there; judging from the bumper stickers on the cars, Romney and Obama were both being beaten out by various grammar/high school honor rolls.

Which is as it should be.

Anyway: voted for Mitt Romney, of course – a month ago, that would have been ‘voted against that stuttering clusterfuck of a miserable failure Barack Obama’ [which I did do, too] – Dan Bongino, and as much of a GOP ticket as I could (robocalling works: one told me about a Republican running for Board of Education that I otherwise wouldn’t have heard of). About the Maryland Questions… well, you can probably guess how Moe RiNO voted. Did vote against the gambling and the ridiculous gerrymandering, though. There’s that, at least.


Moe Lane


  • jbird says:

    I’m in Sarbanes Jr’s travesty of a district that is the impetus for Question 5. I also went a little liberal on the ballot initiatives. Also voted against the gambling. I feel like they lied to us the 1st time around about what they were going to do and I didn’t want to reward the behavior.

  • Cameron says:

    I’m not a fan of robocalling any more than I tolerate telemarketers. And if it’s a live human instead of a machine? Heaven help them. I am under no obligation to be polite.
    As for the various issues, the gambling one was the one I went back and forth on. I’m going against it though; every time I’ve ever seen anything claim that it will raise money “for the children,” it never turns out that way.

  • myoda176 says:

    I wanted my vote to count today so I specifically chose for my vote to cancel out Barack Obama’s personal vote. This way, all of the rest of you can deal with the election and his vote won’t matter. I take my little victories where I can.

    My polling place was busy this morning. I live outside Chicago and I got there 5 minutes before it opened at 6AM. There were approx 30 people in line already. And the line did not go down by the time I finished. The parking lot was almost full already.

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