QotD, 2 Billion Dollars And All We Got Was This Lousy Status Quo edition.

Michael Barone, in the process of explicitly eating some crow*, notes the bizarre paradox of yesterday’s results:

So I was wrong. I take some pleasure in finding I have been wrong, because it’s an opportunity to learn more. As I prowl through the 2012 election statistics I will have an opportunity to learn much more about America and where we are today. A nation dissatisfied with the results of a Democratic president, Democratic Senate and Republican House has decided to return a Democratic president, Democratic Senate and Republican House. Lots to learn for all of us.

We had an incumbent run on change, win… and yet nothing has changed.   Oh, I know: there’s a hell of a lot of second-order effects to worry about.  But the fundamental problems that sparked the controversies of this campaign are still there; and the man (and party) that has been adamantly refusing to face them is still in charge, and will have to deal with them eventually.  And as they famously told us: they don’t have a plan, themselves.  They just don’t like ours.

Good luck on that, Mr. President. Sincerely.  Because as near as I can tell, your help on this from your own side is going to be worse than useless; and nobody on my side is particularly interested in helping you at all.

Moe Lane

*I find that I never particularly cared for the taste of it, myself; happily, there’s nobody on the planet besides my wife and maybe my mom that can actually make me eat it despite myself.  All part of what I will call my, for lack of a better/more offensive term, ‘charm.’


  • Spegen says:

    What is really sad is that obama appears to have less votes than Mccain and yet we still could not beat him, so much for that supposed Republican enthusiam

    • LiberExMachina says:

      Actually, I’m pretty sure Romney won; he just did not win by the “Margin of Fraud”. Its amazing what can be done by a tyrannical regime with plenty of lackeys in Ohio, Oiho, and Pennsylvania. Ask Norm Coleman (or the Lizard People).
      That’s the problem with nominating squishy Republicans with Democrat-lite records (Romney, McCain, Dole, HW Bush, Ford). For a lot of blittering idiots, why would they settle for lite when they can get the real thing (more free stuff!). For people who demand conservatism, they get disgusted by the prospect; while they may “do their job”, they are not exactly excited by it.

  • Finrod says:

    Let the Benghazi investigations proceed.

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