Andrew Malcolm walks us through the latest in the Petraeus mess.

And you can tell just how bad all of this is from this sardonic comment: “No wonder Defense Secy. Leon Panetta is out of the country and the president will be too this weekend. It all makes tomorrow’s scheduled White House news conference seem more like an episode of Generals’ Hospital.”

Anyway, short version: adultery adultery adultery (Mrs. Petraeus so far seems to be mercifully absent from all the bed-jumping), with a side order of obsessive behavior and piss-poor documents security for dessert.  That last bit is possibly the most worrisome; I don’t like to think that actual espionage may rear its head here, but at the moment you legitimately can’t rule it out.  It’s been a while since the last spy sex scandal; we’re probably overdue.

Anyway, the score so far is at least two careers blighted… and, oh, yeah:

The good news in this slimey international mess is that, now that we’ve got unfaithful wives and husbands, catfights over straying husbands and explicit emails from a war zone, the doilies in the D.C. media have to cover the far more serious Benghazi scandal involving the rejection of repeated SOS calls and unexplained abandonment of four Americans to die there in September. Hearings open Thursday on Capitol Hill.

That’s Malcolm again; I agree with him on the very faint silver lining in this rather ominous-looking cloud. I’m also, like Malcolm, wondering whether Broadwell was being accurate when she claimed that the CIA still has had secret prisons*…

Moe Lane

*Spoiler warning: yes, of course they did – and never mind whatever propaganda President Obama was disseminating to the contrary.  That fluff was for the rubes and useful idiots.  The reality is that if you capture people that maybe aren’t fully in your jurisdiction, but you can maybe hand them off to sympathetic law enforcement officials in friendly (or, preferably, client) states, then your options are either to shoot your captives on the spot, or hold on to them until you can pass them along.  And since you have them, you might as well try to get information from them first.

What’s that?  If all that is true, then this means Obama lied about secret prisons and renditions?  …Well, yes.  He does that.

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