Getting meta over at the Presidential petition website.

From Lowering the Bar’s post (“Counter-Petition Asks to Deport People Who Signed Other Petitions*”)

“Deport Everyone [Who] Signed a Petition to Withdraw Their State from the United States of America,” reads this petition, which has no text other than the title but I think still gets its message across. A little nastier is “Strip the Citizenship from Everyone Who Signed a Petition to Secede and Exile Them,” although its single sentence asking the president to do this by executive order is itself fairly polite. (Would doing this by executive order be legal? Of course not, but neither is dropping bombs on citizens or locking them up indefinitely without a trial, even if a Nobel Peace Prize winner is doing it.)

I get the feeling that the author isn’t exactly on my side, but I applaud his willingness to take a legitimate smack at his own. By the way: this secession petition BS is inane.  People should stop doing that.  If you really want to tick off the President, sign or start a pro-pot petition.  That drives Obama nuts.

Moe Lane

*Yes, of course I want to see a petition that calls for deporting people who sign petitions calling for deporting people who sign petitions calling for secession.  But I’m not going to make one: that’s clearly for people with more free time on their hands than they know what to do with.

5 thoughts on “Getting meta over at the Presidential petition website.”

  1. A petition to legalize choom, you say? A petition to induct all like-minded individuals into the choom gang?
    That .. with the proper exploitation .. could be hilarious.

  2. Given that (a) if you get 25k signatures the administration must spend time responding to you and (b) that you can get 25k American’s to go along with just about anything, I propose we start a national movement to prevent parents from giving their children names which can be construed as verbs (don’t worry moe, we’ll let those already named be grandfathered in)

    So the following names are RIGHT OUT:
    Ken (people of Scottish decent only)

    Whatdyathink, sirs?

    1. you are on thin ice, don’t mess with Moe 🙂

      My choice would be to stop the Ashtons, Sophias, Madisons, Jacobs, Mason’s and Noah’s. They do it to pretend we are in a classical or guilded time, but we are deep in the dark ages for sure.

  3. I half understand these petitions, though I would never sign one. If the unhappy electorate is reduced to signing secession petitions to get the president’s attention, so be it. It would work best if they got enough signatures in all 50 states, and this was not a regional thing. Again, it is a petition to the appointed leader for comment, certainly there is no more clear acceptance of federal authority.

    The nation is as divided as it has been in a long time. The rhetoric coming from our political foes is at least as vehemenent (ok I guess I can’t spell that word in my present state).

    The left is calling us racists for questioning Susan Rice. They say we are racist trying to reduce the wellfare state. They say we are racist for using terms such as “urban, street, minority, and I think even chicken. There leaders demean heroes such as McCain for calling Susan Rice to account. I don’t think we need to learn much from the left with regards to over the top politics.

    I am a student of the Civil War, so I don’t take secession lightly. Yet, this nation was founded by secession, and nothing in the U.S. Constitution forbids secession.

    If this secession side show is simply a cry for help, a last yalp by people who don’t know their country anymore, then it is probably a good thing for our country. How many tin pot dictatorships were overthrown because they decided to ignore the little people’s grievances?

    Like I said, I would never sign such a thing, too many good men died for this experiment to end it with words. But, if every state got the required names, and left only DC, certainly some type of political point would be made. And for those that has the S word, what type of petition would be more palatable? Stop taxing our smokes? Don’t take our Big Gulps? The goal is to get attention.

    The Repub leaders should never support secession. But they should stop trying to stamp down the voice of the people. Let the people have their say, and then deal with it.


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