The fact that Republicans lost so overwhelmingly in 2008, I think, delayed an awareness of the technical gap between the two sides, and they imputed Obama’s win to much broader conditions in the country. For the sake of innovation on the Republican side, the best thing that could happen to them is that they lose narrowly on Tuesday, that the story becomes how Obama and his allies ran a mechanically superior campaign, and Republican donors, party leaders, consultants face the existential predicament that Democrats did at the end of 2004, which is, “We’re going to lose forever unless we figure out how to make our campaigns better.”

READ. THIS. READ… Oh, by the way: “…finding social scientists who want anything to do with the Republican party in the 21st century…” is a simple problem that can be readily solved by the traditional method of “throwing lots of money at it.” I mention this because I suspect that Issenberg might have put that rather snide commentary in order to make Democrats better, and we can’t have that. …THIS. READ. THIS…

Moe Lane

7 thoughts on “READ. THIS. READ. THIS. READ. THIS.”

  1. I am not sure how to take this. It certainly seems significant I suppose, but in the aftermath of this loss I have lost faith in many of my fellow Americans.

    I am sick of liberal Obama voters complaining g about the restaurants cutting back. Suddenly people who can’t do their own job are experts on the economics offline pizzas.

    Libs (which are getting to be a higher numbers of our population) have no self awareness. They are just like Obama and speak in platitudes with no real thought behind them. They run for cover when challenged. They complain about Fox News, but the worse thing they do is never really think about their position. They have chosen that liberal doctrine is superior. This, they are superior. A liberal explanation of their policies sounds like a trip to the land of make believe. There is no anchor to reality.

    Liberals have no grace in victory. They can’t stop complaining about the natural consequences of the election. There is no end to their desire to control human behavior.

  2. But will the people that are able to get crap done read this? I read it but I’m not running campaigns. It’s those bozos that should be reading up on this.

    1. I disagree slightly, granitestater. It is not those bozos who should be reading up, it is those bozos who should find themselves unemployable.
      I’m not sure how we pull that off, though.

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