This shadow war between State and the CIA over Benghazi is fascinating.

Or, rather, it will be fascinating to read about, once the books come out (probably 2017 or so*).  Right now it’s just mildly bewildering, largely because everybody in the Obama administration that’s involved in this particular knife fight in an alley have only one thing in common: which is, wanting to keep everybody else from figuring out what’s going on.  And ‘everybody else’ includes ‘Congressional Democrats,’ because, well, [expletive deleted] those guys.

If I am seeming to be contemptuous of the political skill being shown here by various past and present members of the Obama administration, that’s because I am: after all, none of this can have an impact on the 2012 Presidential election, which was and is pretty much the sole core competency of these people.  And if you think any of this will help the Democrats in 2016… keep thinking that, neighbor. Keep thinking that.

Moe Lane

*Or, sure, 2021.  I mean, I guess that a really selective asteroid could hit in 2016.

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